Playing on itch app? please reinstall + online playtest later today

Hello there!

Just a small update, seeing as some of you might experience some issues if you downloaded Epicinium v0.15.0 using the itch desktop app. We released beta version 0.16.0 yesterday. We will do a proper DevLog about the update soon, for now you can read the release notes if you're interested. Unfortunately, updating to the new version through the desktop app doesn't work properly. I've contacted support about this. The problem will probably be fixed in a future version of the app, but for now if you're having trouble logging into the Epicinium server, the best is to uninstall and then reinstall the game. That should fix any issues. If it doesn't, please contact us at and we will sort things out for you ASAP.

Later today, we will have our weekly Saturday online playtest sessions beginning at 20:00 GMT (roughly 3.5 hours from posting), where you'll have the chance to test your Epicinium skills against the devs and other players, or just play some casual games against others who might be playing for the first time. We will also be streaming the session on Twitch. Hope to see you then!

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